A two-day Immersion into the Collaborative Experience of Filmmaking  

Lyle Kessler Martin Landau Mark Rydell

director MARK RYDELL 
screenwriter/playwright LYLE KESSLER 



The Cost of the two-day Seminar is $250

Saturday November 14 & Sunday November 15, 2009, 10AM-6PM

On the UCLA Campus, Los Angeles, CA

 Please Agree to the Terms and Conditions Below

There will be cameras in the room to record the scenes with a well known cinematographer. A model agreement (see below) is needed in case your image is recorded.

By checking the box and clicking the button you agree to all the terms and conditions stated below.

The participant, an individual who checked the "I agree to the terms of this seminar" box above, irrevocably consent to and authorize the use and reproduction by The Total Picture Seminar, LLC (hereinafter "Producer"), a California Company, or anyone authorized by the Producer, of any and all media taken of the Participant, negative or positive, mechanical or electronic, for any purpose whatsoever, without restriction, and without further compensation to the Participant. All negatives, positives, video, or audio tapes, electronic files, together with any prints shall constitute the Producer property, solely and completely. The Participant hereby release, discharge and save harmless the Producer, his or her representatives, assigns, employees, or any person or corporation acting under the permission of the Producer, including any firm publishing or distributing the Product, even though the Product may be distorted, blurred, altered or used in composite forms, in conjunction with factual or fictional text, either intentionally or otherwise and subject me to scandal, scorn, ridicule, reproach or indignity. The Model hereby waives any right to approve the finished Product or any copy which might be used in conjunction with the Product. The Participant consent to the inclusion of this contract form including the personal details recommended in it being added to the public database owned or operated by the Producer or its subsidiary. Any damage caused by the Participant is the Participants responsibility. Cell phones are permitted, but must be turned off. All recording devices are prohibited. Registration is not transferable. A valid ID is needed for check-in. Payment is not refundable. Parking and any costs is the responsibility of the Participant. By submitting a scene, you agree that if selected, a video or recording of the scene can be used by the Total Picture Seminar, LLC. The obligations of this agreement shall be binding and continuing.

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